Friday, June 12, 2009

That old thing...

So, about a year ago I picked up an old window pane from a local "antique" store. I had plans to turn it into something fabulous but of course that never happened. While trying to conjure up ideas for an upcoming craft fair I remembered that old window pane sitting on the side of our building. Last week I pulled it out and started washing it off. The more I sprayed, the better it started to look. The white paint that someone had applied shortly before I bought it started coming off and underneath was a beautiful green color. I brought it inside last night and finished cleaning it up. The night before I had found the exact stencil that I've been looking for all along at Michaels. So I pulled out my brush and my paint and got busy. This is what I have so far (pics to come later today). It's gonna be REALLY hard not to save this for myself. :-)

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