Tuesday, September 29, 2009

~T-Shirt dresses~

...they typically run you between $30-60 if you buy them handmade on Etsy. I've been dreaming for months now of buying one for my daughter from a popular Etsy seller but let's face it, I can't afford to shell out THAT much money for something that she will only wear a few months.

My mom reminded me the other day that "I" used to wear them as a child and that "SHE" made them for me. Well, there's a thought...why not make one myself! So, for several days now I've been researching fabric designers and reading up on how exactly to make the dresses. These are some of my favorite patterns sold by Michael Miller:

They bring a smile to my face and I know my daughter would love them to! My next project is to attempt to make a Halloween tshirt dress for Ms. Roxie. Don't you just love this dress made by another Etsy seller?!

I totally dig the retro/vintage patterns right now! I believe this dress will be my inspiration for the one that I make for Roxie. Can't you just see some cute little tights and mary janes with it?

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