Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When all else fails...

hang a door on the wall??? Yes, a DOOR! I struggled for months trying to figure out what to hang on one of the walls in our living room. I would literally sit on the couch for an hour trying to visualize different decorating techniques. Let's face it..there is nothing normal about me OR my decorating style. The beautiful magnolia picture that I once adored was just not doing the job anymore.

So, I took advice from The Nester . Y'all, she is seriously awesome and if I could ever have one person decorate my house, it would be her. You just don't understand...her style is so comforting and practical. Check out her blog when you have a few seconds and see what I mean.

Back to "the door". My husband picked up one of these bi-fold doors from the Habitat for Humanity store:

I believe he said it was about $20-25. It's not exactly what I wanted but for the price, it was the best choice.

That same day I picked up a sample can of paint from Lowe's for about $3. The color I chose was Cut Ruby--gorgeous! If you haven't tried the sample paint cans yet, do it! It beats spending $10+ on a can of paint that you'll probably never finish off.

I was able to paint the entire front of the door and the sides in a matter of an hour & then my husband went around the edges with extra paint we had sitting around (see what I mean about the extra paint that typically doesnt get used???). This is what we had by the end of the night:

I loved it but wanted something more. Me, want more? NEVER! ;-)

The finished product ended up with a custom shelf that my husband made and two lights that we bought from Home Depot. I think it adds needed color in our living room which is mostly brown and khaki green (can you visualize that color?).

I am just visualizing the many ways I'll be able to use that shelf throughout the seasons and holidays. One of the best and most useful projects we've done yet!

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