Monday, February 1, 2010


Yep, we had our first snow early Saturday morning. Most everyone in our county had snow starting late Friday night but the area where I live didn't get any until several hours later. I was completely fine with that though because I don't really like the snow--to be completey honest!

I take that back. I like the snow, I don't like the ice!

Overall, it was a pretty fun time being at home with my kids and my husband who managed to get an extra day off (due to the snow, of course). We were able to repaint our entire bedroom, which I absolutely love!

I say all of this because...I am behind on my other craft project. You know, the one that includes the charger plates and silhouettes. I'm behind for two reasons--our printer is out of ink and painting our bedroom was top priority once we started it. ;-)

I hope to finish my other project this week, so again...stay tuned!

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